213 Commits (main)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Reynir Björnsson e253848a15 Rely on the default error page triggering for 404s 1 month ago
Reynir Björnsson 234c7a0cb2 Refactor not found logic 1 month ago
Reynir Björnsson 9416e0552d error_handler: only show not found for `Not_Found 1 month ago
rand00 f3d8eea546 Fixed unused param + simplification 2 months ago
rand00 ffc062727a Views: Cleanup 2 months ago
rand00 3e23b4a5bf Implemented general error-handler + Added special error-page for iframes/vizs 2 months ago
Romain Calascibetta 76f96b47b2 map_err and bind_lwt_err will be deprecated with lwt.5.6.0 2 months ago
Reynir Björnsson cb43734b7b Refactor and address #127 1 month ago
rand00 148ddacbe8 Add tests for router/Link module 2 months ago
rand00 c533ea7c07 Made Builder_web.routes be a list of methods, routes and handlers - to become testable without depending on DB 2 months ago
rand00 93dc0d6d87 Made all links safe via a Links module 2 months ago
Reynir Björnsson 0be38475b7 builder-web: Inform expected version on wrong ver. (#121) 2 months ago
dinosaure 071183ff6c Add GZip support when we generate a tar archive (#119) 2 months ago
rand 5307a7b91a add `builder-db verify-cache-dir` command (#113) 2 months ago
Reynir Björnsson 09a180c3cd Automatic viz migration on builder-web startup (#111) 2 months ago
Reynir Björnsson 702d38a6cc Use Not found for missing visualizations 4 months ago
Reynir Björnsson 3de78b1113 Update to dream.1.0.0~alpha4 4 months ago
Hannes Mehnert 6190347401 use ignorelist to transmit the intention 4 months ago
rand 0f493e9b47 Removing trailing slashes (#80) 4 months ago
rand00 010197d900 Builder_web: Fixed type-errors + usage of correct dream queries helper 4 months ago
Hannes Mehnert a132a181c8 add ? before query parameters 4 months ago
Hannes Mehnert 3bee8a357d add query params to redirect 4 months ago
Hannes Mehnert 4c3a5986d6 Redirect /job to / and /job/:job/build to /job/:job 4 months ago
rand00 ab3be6ec8e builder-web: Added --cachedir CLI arg for staging new vizs 5 months ago
rand00 1827320f8c Builder_web: Removed boilerplate for generating vizs 5 months ago
rand00 ef253b7b87 Views: Added usage-descriptions on mouse-over on '?' below each visualzation (not mobile compatible) 5 months ago
rand00 d90cbea35c Views: Removed visual border from viz iframes + size fix 5 months ago
Hannes Mehnert eef8e54776 Include more information on the front page, especially how unikernels can be executed. 6 months ago
Robur 9cf112a9ac Fix error when reading solo5 manifest 6 months ago
Hannes Mehnert d6098cfa91 minor stylistic adjustments from reading git diff -w 0afec16..6f3c89c 6 months ago
hannes 6f3c89c91d display visualizations from cache, generate visualizations on upload (#90) 6 months ago
Reynir Björnsson 923bc3d9d4 Add Solo5 device manifest to job_build 8 months ago
Robur 72393c9098 Model.add_build: pass --platform=<build-platform> to hook scripts 6 months ago
Hannes Mehnert f7bc55f2e3 execute all executables in <conigdir>/upload-hooks when an upload succeeded 6 months ago
rand00 550dd59a19 Builder-web: Implemented better page-not-found 6 months ago
rand00 9333773335 Views: Fixed issue #70: Platform query-param is preserved in Job links 6 months ago
Reynir Björnsson d89c5f5a1b Unify layout, centered horizontally 6 months ago
Reynir Björnsson 43b9bf93ed Remove trailing whitespace 6 months ago
rand00 a601c143d6 Views.Job_build: Fixed for 80-col rule 6 months ago
rand00 7633b63f21 Views.Job_build: Avoiding too much indentation with current ocp-indent settings via less nesting 6 months ago
rand00 cb11326cd4 Views.Job_build: Separated body html out into named functions 6 months ago
rand00 a28b0829b3 .ocp-indent & Views: Changed max_indent to 4 - the default 6 months ago
rand00 5a6ce19c33 Views.Job: Separated nested list-generation out into named functions 6 months ago
rand00 f0632dff6f Views: More syntax + separated out failed-builds footer in Builds 6 months ago
rand00 b0fc7c1d9d Views.breadcrumbs: Consistent style of multiline tuples in list 6 months ago
rand00 f1214e01a3 Views: Syntax betterings for readability 6 months ago
rand00 82bcdf9f3b Views: Removed some opened records in parameters - 6 months ago
rand00 126fe38465 Views: Configured .ocp-indent.conf to sensible defaults, and indented everything with this. Settings are: 6 months ago
rand00 87442c4a09 Views: Builds: Separated html-generation out into named functions for ease of reading 6 months ago
rand00 b631b05de2 Views: Syntax 6 months ago