76 Commits (main)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Reynir Björnsson 09a180c3cd Automatic viz migration on builder-web startup (#111) 3 weeks ago
rand00 ab3be6ec8e builder-web: Added --cachedir CLI arg for staging new vizs 3 months ago
Robur 9cf112a9ac Fix error when reading solo5 manifest 4 months ago
hannes 6f3c89c91d display visualizations from cache, generate visualizations on upload (#90) 4 months ago
Reynir Björnsson 923bc3d9d4 Add Solo5 device manifest to job_build 6 months ago
Robur 72393c9098 Model.add_build: pass --platform=<build-platform> to hook scripts 4 months ago
Hannes Mehnert f7bc55f2e3 execute all executables in <conigdir>/upload-hooks when an upload succeeded 4 months ago
Reynir Björnsson 68237ef382 Rewrite queries to take optional platform 7 months ago
Robur 088b55acc3 remove failed builds from job page 7 months ago
Robur 2e82778e87 Only show successful builds on the front page 7 months ago
Robur e1d950ad5b link to failed-builds, paginate failed-builds 7 months ago
Robur 0910a05bbd builds: improve comparisons (text and query) to earlier and later builds 7 months ago
Robur c6128ca24b /failed-builds/: fix query and improve page 7 months ago
Robur 8ee69d7211 Work around caqti assertion failure 7 months ago
Robur c566cd0215 Work towards failed-builds page 7 months ago
Robur 16748b8995 Show builds by platform 8 months ago
Robur 594c6d5917 remove unused queries 8 months ago
Robur e69d1beb9f Add platform to build table 8 months ago
Robur 045dbcf23d adapt to builder 0.2.0 changes 8 months ago
Robur 87a6b95e8c Model.read_file: avoid file descriptor leak 8 months ago
Reynir Björnsson 71a016fdae Fix up mix up 10 months ago
Reynir Björnsson f24a9297d0 Re-add viewing build script and build console 10 months ago
Robur edcbf73386 Add /job/<job>/build/<build>/main-binary redirect endpoint 10 months ago
Robur 8279bc1c26 store relative path for console and script 10 months ago
Robur f7823da321 fix console output order 10 months ago
Robur 7c04469825 Prepare staging dir before writing 10 months ago
Robur e7daf0366b Rename local variable meta(s) -> build(s) 10 months ago
Robur 17420c389b WIP 10 months ago
Hannes Mehnert 4c42865ca7 fix compilation 11 months ago
Hannes Mehnert cd633087d5 Infer section from job name rather than extension 11 months ago
Robur 392286dd98 remove README.md and build-hashes from build_artifact table and file system 12 months ago
Robur aa4db9b6a8 in /job/:job/build/:build output links to: 12 months ago
Robur 6ec40365ab Add input_id to build table 12 months ago
Robur be26e56fd4 Output links to comparisons of other builds with the identical main binary 12 months ago
Robur 1e3fcf984f Allow README.md being present anywhere 1 year ago
Robur 009fa49e9e render README from latest build (preserved as a tag value in job_tag table) 1 year ago
Robur b4996939af Job_tag: try to retrieve the tag value - insert if none, update if some 1 year ago
Robur eb786088e7 Builder_db.Job_tag.add: use INSERT OR REPLACE to avoid constraint violation 1 year ago
Robur 9a271add7b add tag to jobs: description 1 year ago
Robur e45497e97c add tags to jobs: section and synopsis, inferred from the latest successful build 1 year ago
Robur 88377adb7c adapt to builder changes (job -> script_job) 1 year ago
Robur b279eb521b Adapt to build input files removal 1 year ago
Robur 31a501e0c4 Add user column to build 1 year ago
Robur 02bfbc956f Improve HTTP status codes (4xx on user data failure) 1 year ago
Robur eaf8a609c9 Add an access_list to grant per-job user upload permissions 1 year ago
Reynir Björnsson 8f4a45bf76 Revise error handling 1 year ago
Reynir Björnsson e4407902f5 Do not read file if not modified 1 year ago
Robur a45a584831 Generate opam compare links only for successful builds 1 year ago
Robur fb2515e713 Add /build/latest/ redirect 1 year ago
Robur 4fec5ed38c Builder_db: use foreign key for build.main_binary 1 year ago