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hannes 6f3c89c91d display visualizations from cache, generate visualizations on upload (#90) 6 months ago
Reynir Björnsson 255bcd9e9c Merge pull request 'solo5-manifest' (#67) from solo5-manifest into main 6 months ago
hannes d5f4dc8732 FreeBSD and dpkg package repository creation and scripts (#84) 6 months ago
Reynir Björnsson 923bc3d9d4 Add Solo5 device manifest to job_build 8 months ago
Reynir Björnsson 485515e47a opam: depend on exactly dream.1.0.0~alpha2 6 months ago
Reynir Björnsson 4d60b9aa48 Merge pull request 'Fixed that Builder_db_app.job_remove didn't take all related tables into account' (#89) from 20220222_fix_job_remove_and_added_helper_for_printing_db_id into main 6 months ago
rand00 5897484cb2 Fixed that Builder_db_app.job_remove didn't take all related tables into account 6 months ago
Robur 72393c9098 Model.add_build: pass --platform=<build-platform> to hook scripts 6 months ago
Robur 7bb9e2d8fe Allow -d as well as --datadir in commands 6 months ago
Hannes Mehnert f7bc55f2e3 execute all executables in <conigdir>/upload-hooks when an upload succeeded 6 months ago
rand00 550dd59a19 Builder-web: Implemented better page-not-found 6 months ago
rand00 338fa9dea3 builder-web.opam: Modulectomy pin-depend now points to master, as changes got merged 6 months ago
rand00 9333773335 Views: Fixed issue #70: Platform query-param is preserved in Job links 6 months ago
Reynir Björnsson d89c5f5a1b Unify layout, centered horizontally 6 months ago
Reynir Björnsson c5e09f4ba3 Fix packaging 6 months ago
Reynir Björnsson 43b9bf93ed Remove trailing whitespace 6 months ago
Reynir Björnsson 6a248b930c Merge branch '20220202_refactoring_views' 6 months ago
rand00 a601c143d6 Views.Job_build: Fixed for 80-col rule 6 months ago
rand00 7633b63f21 Views.Job_build: Avoiding too much indentation with current ocp-indent settings via less nesting 6 months ago
rand00 cb11326cd4 Views.Job_build: Separated body html out into named functions 6 months ago
rand00 a28b0829b3 .ocp-indent & Views: Changed max_indent to 4 - the default 6 months ago
rand00 36f2064034 .ocp-indent: Marked non-default value 6 months ago
rand00 5a6ce19c33 Views.Job: Separated nested list-generation out into named functions 6 months ago
rand00 f0632dff6f Views: More syntax + separated out failed-builds footer in Builds 6 months ago
rand00 b0fc7c1d9d Views.breadcrumbs: Consistent style of multiline tuples in list 6 months ago
rand00 f1214e01a3 Views: Syntax betterings for readability 6 months ago
rand00 13f2f91295 Added an .ocp-indent file, so we have common indentation settings 6 months ago
rand00 82bcdf9f3b Views: Removed some opened records in parameters - 6 months ago
rand00 126fe38465 Views: Configured .ocp-indent.conf to sensible defaults, and indented everything with this. Settings are: 6 months ago
rand00 87442c4a09 Views: Builds: Separated html-generation out into named functions for ease of reading 6 months ago
rand00 b631b05de2 Views: Syntax 6 months ago
rand00 db3f87934b Views++: Made long parameter-lists into named parameters 6 months ago
rand00 3680336b22 Views: Removed outcommented + fixed some 80-col problems 6 months ago
rand00 f8b17e6b17 Views: Removed global open of Tyxml.Html and switched to prefix - 6 months ago
rand00 ae5c5cb67d Views: Using ocp-indent to indent everything consistently + fixed code aesthetics (80 char rule etc.) 7 months ago
rand00 c17802d84f Views++: Factored Job.Build to Job_build + Renamed Builder to Builds to avoid collision with lib 7 months ago
rand00 f40a081198 test/markdown_to_html.ml: Usage of Utils.Omd 7 months ago
rand00 7358567e55 Utils: Moved omd-helpers into Omd submodule here 7 months ago
rand f3aa2a2c90 Safer Lwt_process usage for calling builder-viz cmd (#71) 7 months ago
Reynir Björnsson 6a645b7358 Merge branch 'tar' 7 months ago
Reynir Björnsson d67aedd5aa Add modulectomy, opam-graph as opam deps 7 months ago
Reynir Björnsson 993d1171c2 Add pin-depends on opam-graph, modulectomy 7 months ago
Reynir Björnsson 3fe07c7b34 Clean up trailing spaces 7 months ago
rand00 d6c04e861e Views: Removed usage of containers 7 months ago
rand00 161fec77af Views: Using Option.of_list 7 months ago
rand00 b564191b81 Re-enabled warnings as errors in dune file + fixed unused 'id' in builder_web.ml 7 months ago
rand00 8897f525fe Builder_web: visualization_cmd: Changed bin to be 'builder-viz' + let it be searched in PATH 7 months ago
rand00 5a9c1237a1 Builder_web: Added timeout to visualization_cmd Lwt_process.pread 7 months ago
rand00 2a1b75ba2b Removals of uncommented code and unneccesary parens 7 months ago
rand00 6f95f7e965 Views: Switch viz order + fixed iframe size 7 months ago