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Reynir Björnsson d67aedd5aa Add modulectomy, opam-graph as opam deps 1 year ago
Reynir Björnsson 993d1171c2 Add pin-depends on opam-graph, modulectomy 1 year ago
Reynir Björnsson 3fe07c7b34 Clean up trailing spaces 1 year ago
rand00 d6c04e861e Views: Removed usage of containers 1 year ago
rand00 161fec77af Views: Using Option.of_list 1 year ago
rand00 b564191b81 Re-enabled warnings as errors in dune file + fixed unused 'id' in 1 year ago
rand00 8897f525fe Builder_web: visualization_cmd: Changed bin to be 'builder-viz' + let it be searched in PATH 1 year ago
rand00 5a9c1237a1 Builder_web: Added timeout to visualization_cmd Lwt_process.pread 1 year ago
rand00 2a1b75ba2b Removals of uncommented code and unneccesary parens 1 year ago
rand00 6f95f7e965 Views: Switch viz order + fixed iframe size 1 year ago
rand00 302d53835a bin/Builder-viz: Added override_css params to viz's + used them to define a common theme 1 year ago
rand00 86b5bf870d Builder_web.treemap_visualization_cmd: More informative param-name 1 year ago
rand00 1bba2d7855 Views: Adjusted height of deps viz iframe again 1 year ago
rand00 c80ee590bd New centered flex-layout for builds page with 2 columns + some refactorings around Views 1 year ago
rand00 915468bbf1 Views: Adjusted height of deps viz iframe 1 year ago
rand00 48ba9b7bfe Views: Also rendering dependencies for non-binary packages 1 year ago
rand00 64cf4fc350 Added dependencies visualization to builds pages 1 year ago
rand00 95ef54fc82 bin/Builder-viz: Added dependencies visualization 1 year ago
rand00 dde9d5b2da Builder_web.job_build_treemap: Calculating treemap visualization via CLI call to new binary 1 year ago
rand00 f3178cace0 bin/Builder-viz: Printing html + Syntax 1 year ago
rand00 2874b54c40 .gitignore: Emacs files 1 year ago
rand00 289a58d9dc Refactored treemap visualization into separate binary + Cmdliner CLI interface 1 year ago
rand00 afbf9357b0 lib/dune: Added opam-graph 1 year ago
rand00 6658244a18 Views: Only rendering treemap for unikernels with '.debug' artifact 1 year ago
rand00 ade1ea3a38 Builder_web.job_build_treemap: Changed title of excluded treemap chunks 1 year ago
rand00 c6ff42d391 Views: Fix fize of treemap 1 year ago
rand00 a0254b3e70 Builder_web.job_build_treemap: Changed title of new excluded treemap chunks 1 year ago
rand00 82c5614440 Builder_web.job_build_treemap: Calculating extra chunks inserted in treemap-scale 1 year ago
rand00 fdd00a17ab Builder_web.job_build_treemap: Changed minimal size of treemap node based on example treemap 1 year ago
rand00 b8c40861f3 Builder_web.job_build_treemap: Implementing partitioning of Info tree 1 year ago
rand00 79c40473b4 Views: Changed background color 1 year ago
rand00 6a70220dee Removed debug-printing + Adjusted size of treemap iframe 1 year ago
Robur 07b5daff9f Fix to the code extracting binary size for treemap visualization 1 year ago
rand00 d247846e35 WIP: debugging 1 year ago
rand00 462bbf5942 Treemap scale: Passing on binary-size to new Treemap renderer 1 year ago
rand00 c9ab07832e Views: Removed old code 1 year ago
rand00 4e2d069b26 Views: Chosen a static width relative to textsize for treemap 1 year ago
rand00 b52e3bc0b0 Views: Rewrote static css to be one big string instead 1 year ago
rand00 5548c04a3e Several changes related to treemap rendering: 1 year ago
rand00 ff302a9c06 Added section for extracting builds from one server to another 1 year ago
Robur 7fa8402eee use modulectomy to render svg of the unikernel binaries 1 year ago
Reynir Björnsson 92a43fbfdd Add .../all.tar endpoint with artifacts 1 year ago
Reynir Björnsson 888b4aa8b6 Merge pull request 'builder-db: add extract-build command' (#63) from builder-db-exec-extraction into main 1 year ago
Reynir Björnsson 5d33d4cfaf builder-db: add extract-build command 1 year ago
Robur 8489d1ff36 Remove README from build page 1 year ago
Robur 19633e84ea Reuse DB connection for consequtive queries 1 year ago
Robur 0afec1617b markdown sanitization, addresses issue #46 1 year ago
Reynir Björnsson 68237ef382 Rewrite queries to take optional platform 1 year ago
Reynir Björnsson e57d880c44 sql: use $N instead of ?N as numbered placeholder 1 year ago
Robur 088b55acc3 remove failed builds from job page 1 year ago