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Robur e7daf0366b Rename local variable meta(s) -> build(s) 1 year ago
Robur 16c403b6b5 Fix query column ambiguity 1 year ago
Robur 17420c389b WIP 1 year ago
Robur 0d918192ea builder_db.exe: verify_data_dir verifies job name and uuid as well 1 year ago
Hannes Mehnert 4c42865ca7 fix compilation 2 years ago
Hannes Mehnert cd633087d5 Infer section from job name rather than extension 2 years ago
hannes cdce07c808 Merge pull request 'Use Cstruct.length and require cstruct >= 6.0.0' (#56) from cstruct.6.0.0 into main 2 years ago
Reynir Björnsson f9fcd2c733 Use Cstruct.length and require cstruct >= 6.0.0 2 years ago
Hannes Mehnert fc734dc2cd improve packaging: use sh -ex 2 years ago
Reynir Björnsson 3ba9b93365 debian: fix datadir path 2 years ago
Reynir Björnsson 68db07067d debian: fix --datadir typo 2 years ago
Reynir Björnsson 147163a92b debian: correct sqlite3 dependency 2 years ago
Robur 392286dd98 remove and build-hashes from build_artifact table and file system 2 years ago
Robur 928821fec6 fix migration 2021-07-12 2 years ago
Robur 9195c91ab5 remove result_kind from build table (de-duplicate information), add some indexes 2 years ago
Robur aa4db9b6a8 in /job/:job/build/:build output links to: 2 years ago
hannes e8f918230f verify-data-dir-stream (#50) 2 years ago
Robur 7c4bf56da6 builder_db: add a verify-data-dir subcommand 2 years ago
Robur b09001916b fixup 2021-07-07d: remove initial ./ from fpath 2 years ago
Robur 1b4b27e1c5 fixup 2021-07-07c: strip .hvt/.xen images if not already stripped 2 years ago
Robur 49f7502e0c fixup 2021-07-07b: move *.deb.debug to bin/*.deb, update build_artifact and build (main_binary) 2 years ago
Robur f66fa8bf19 fixup 2021-07-07a: remove leftover orb.deb / orb.txz from build_artifacts 2 years ago
Robur 96ee7649b7 fix 0706 migration (old build table should be named new_build) 2 years ago
Robur 6ec40365ab Add input_id to build table 2 years ago
Robur be26e56fd4 Output links to comparisons of other builds with the identical main binary 2 years ago
hannes 9c326679ba investigate differences in build, install, and uri when opam file differed (#48) 2 years ago
Reynir Björnsson 7c7282894b Typed database IDs (#47) 2 years ago
Reynir Björnsson cc092ca9d8 M20210701: reapply index 2 years ago
Reynir Björnsson 21065c9f44 Use initially deferred foreign key constraint 2 years ago
Reynir Björnsson 37e68f91f4 Handle jobs without successful build in migrations 2 years ago
Hannes Mehnert bd0ab7f554 packaging: install 2 years ago
Robur 1e3fcf984f Allow being present anywhere 2 years ago
Robur 009fa49e9e render README from latest build (preserved as a tag value in job_tag table) 2 years ago
Robur 5285872865 minor changes to main site 2 years ago
Robur b4996939af Job_tag: try to retrieve the tag value - insert if none, update if some 2 years ago
Robur 1e190e42c7 Builder_db.Job_tag: provide next to add also an update 2 years ago
Robur eb786088e7 Builder_db.Job_tag.add: use INSERT OR REPLACE to avoid constraint violation 2 years ago
Robur 9a271add7b add tag to jobs: description 2 years ago
Robur e45497e97c add tags to jobs: section and synopsis, inferred from the latest successful build 2 years ago
robur 0d1b00b13c builder-web.opam: add dream lower bound 2 years ago
robur 2ada9881ff debian packaging 2 years ago
Robur 216669fe99 Add 2 years ago
Reynir Björnsson a3f9e9aba0 Add job-remove command to builder-db 2 years ago
Robur 88377adb7c adapt to builder changes (job -> script_job) 2 years ago
Robur b279eb521b Adapt to build input files removal 2 years ago
Robur 987230c15f improve FreeBSD and orb packaging 2 years ago
Reynir Björnsson bde3baec46 Refactor migrations and don't enable foreign keys 2 years ago
Robur d088597c01 add explicit package dependencies 2 years ago
Robur c2377dedd7 FreeBSD packaging and rc script 2 years ago
Robur 5555c87afd Add the /job/:job/upload endpoint which receives a raw binary. 2 years ago